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Visit Visa

What is Visit Visa?
Visit visa is also known as the Tourist visa or Travel visa. These are the temporary visas and issued to

the applicants willing to go abroad for a limited period of time.

How to apply Visitor Visa from India ??? The visa is valid approximately for the 6-month duration,

which can extend or decrease in few cases. Visit visa does not allow the applicants to stay abroad for a long

time. The visa holder is not eligible for free government services in a particular country such as free

medical services and accommodations etc.
Visit visas are generally classified into two different types first is a tourist visa and business visas.

If we talk about the tourist visa, the visa holder is allowed in the specific country for the tourist purpose,

not for the commercial activities. The duration of the tourist visa is valid for maximum 3 months to

6 months, but it may vary in very few cases. When we talk about the business visa, this kind of visa

holder allows to a particular country only for business purpose.

He/she is eligible to attend the conferences, business meetings or short-term project requirement

in the foreign country. The person holding the business visa cannot undertake full-time

employment in abroad.

Looking for visit visa for countries like Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai,

Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia, China etc.???

Feel free to contact Go Abroad Training Institute. Our team of experts for visitor

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