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Permanent Residency in Canada

Permanent residency in Canada

Go Abroad Training Institute Private Limited  works for leading Universities and colleges in Canada and

assist students from IELTS preparation till their final settlement to study in Canada.

About Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is in the northern half of North America

stretching from Arctic Circle in the north to the U.S. in the south. It has ten provinces and

three territories with a sparse population.

The majority of the land territory of Canada consists of the tundra region, forest, and the Rocky Mountains.

In most parts of Canada, the weather is cold or severely cold in winters but the summers are warm

and very pleasant too.

The beauty of Canada lies in its vibrant cities like multicultural Toronto; the cultural capital

and French-speaking cities, Montréal and Québec; the two major cities on the Pacific and

Atlantic coast, Vancouver, and Halifax, and the capital city is known as Ottawa.

Canada is one of the wealthiest nations in the world with a low rate of unemployment.

It welcomes new immigrants to settle down easily by providing better job opportunities

and the best amenities required to live a luxurious life. Various Government organizations

or institutions are assisting the newly landed immigrants to easily get a job in their respective

fields of expertise. The employers in Canada fill their ever-growing job demands by employing

newly landed skilled immigrants.

Health Care System

The Health Care system of Canada is unmatchable. It is managed and supervised by the

concerned Provinces and delivered through a publicly-funded health care system.

The health care system of Canada ensures that a basic level of coverage is available to all

individuals meeting the minimum requirements of residency. This clearly depicts that

newly landed immigrants, students, unemployed individuals, pensioners, and the disabled

are all covered under the Canada Health Act, irrespective of their earning capacity.

The doctor’s visits are scheduled according to priority. Special attention and care are

provided to patients with life-threatening conditions and senior citizens. The government

has designed an effective plan to keep the cost of health care down by putting a cap on

the expenses which the patients have to bear.

Canada’s Educational System          

Canada’s education system is ranked best among 16 countries in the world.

When compared to other global competitors, Canada excels in delivering a high-quality

education which is recognized worldwide. Education in Canada is provided, funded, and

overseen by federal, provincial, and local governments within their provincial jurisdiction, and the curriculum is overseen by the province(s).  “Education in Canada” is a fast-growing popular brand in the world that represents the rank and excellence of

Canada’s education sector.

The educational institutions in Canada welcome international students by providing

special services which help them to carry on their studies in Canada with a

comfortable stay in a new country. The orientation programs conducted on their arrival

at campus make them feel more friendly and confident.

Students can apply for the Undergraduate, Degree, and Post Graduate programs

available in Best Universities in Canada.

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