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Study In Dubai

Want to study in Dubai?

Go Abroad Training Institute Private Limited is an authorized representative of Amity University Dubai & pleased to inform you that students who want to study in Dubai can easily attain their higher education from Amity University Dubai. Why Study In Dubai ??? No doubt, students will get a truly global education experience meeting with top international faculties and students of various nationalities at Amity University Dubai. Go Abroad Training Institute Private Limited is feeling great to assist students in pursuing their bachelor’s and master’s degree programs from Amity University Dubai. Go Abroad Training Institute Private Limited in association with Amity University Dubai is set to provide a wide range of programs and vast job opportunities to every student in various fields.

About Dubai

The natives of Dubai known as Emiratis give a warm welcome to visitors. Dubai is famous for beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels and shopping malls, all year-round sunshine, beautiful deserts, and above all a place with the largest business and job opportunities for newcomers.

Dubai Economy

Dubai has witnessed a drastic change over the last three decades, having a major business center with a more dynamic and diversified economy. Dubai enjoys and serves as the biggest re-exporting country in the Middle East because of its strategic location.

Investors are attracted to Dubai because of the liberal Government policies, excellent infrastructure, low operational costs, and logistical costs. The economy of Dubai has achieved a high degree of expansion and diversification because in the past decades business activities related to tourism, transport, trade, industry, and finance have shown positive signs with a steady rise.

Why Study in Dubai?

Dubai is the only country with the fastest growing economy in the world and a truly cosmopolitan country. The education policies of Dubai are comparatively cheaper when compared with western countries. The amount spent on education is almost half compared with other western countries. The possibility of finding job opportunities after completing the studies is also having an edge over other countries. Students do not need to qualify for IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT to get admission to Amity University Dubai. Go Abroad Training Institute Private Limited is an authorized representative of Amity University Dubai and UAE is the most secure place with endless entertainment and unlimited job opportunities for students. The visa success rate in Dubai is 100%. 

Study In Dubai for International Students ??? Students can legally work part-time after receiving a permit from the Ministry of Labour issued as part of the UAE Labour Law. This part-time work permit protects student rights against the exploitation of employers.

Scholarship and Part-Time Job Opportunities in Dubai: 

Dubai Government is committed to creating a national cadre of highly qualified youth who can continue the progress of the country. Go Abroad Training Institute Private Limited deals with many best universities in Dubai which offer scholarships and grants to students by recognizing leadership potential and outstanding academic achievements. Both academic and sports scholarship programs are accessible and available to students based on certain criteria and merit requirements.

If you are making plans to study in Dubai, then instantly get in touch with Go Abroad Training Institute Private Limited.

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